Ministry of Commerce: will hold the National Agribusiness Inter-Agricultural Help Live Broadcasting Contest
Time:2020-06-20 Views:5
The Circulation Industry Promotion Center of the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Notice on Holding the National Agricultural and Commercial Interconnected Agriculture and Live Broadcasting Contest", which is scheduled to be held during the 2020 National Agricultural and Commercial Interconnection and Precision Poverty Alleviation Production and Sales Matchmaking Conference The competition time is July-October 2020. The contest is divided into a short video contest, a live-broadcast and cargo-carrying contest, and a live-broadcast live-broadcast and cargo-carrying action.
   Short Video Contest, contestants create short videos with uniform background as required by the organizing committee and publish to the official official platform of the contest. The video content is mainly to promote poverty alleviation, hometown culture, tourism and gourmet food, agricultural products, and attract fans to watch and like. The organizing committee of the contest determines its score based on the total viewing and likes of all short videos posted by the contestants.
   Live Carry Contest is divided into preliminary and final. The contestants will carry live broadcasts on the official designated platform of the competition, and the organizing committee will provide traffic support. Participants must have two or more national-level poverty-stricken county products in the products they sell. Encourage competitors to prefer to sell their hometown products and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations. Contestants are encouraged to exempt commissions and low commissions for products in poor counties. In principle, the commission rate for products in poor counties does not exceed 10%.
   The preliminary results will be determined based on the player‘s sales of goods brought in, short video playback and short video likes; the final results will be determined based on the sales of goods brought by players. Weighted preferential treatment will be given to the sales of products in poor areas.
  Public welfare live-action and live-broadcasting action, inviting leaders of government departments at all levels, head anchors and contest winners to participate in the conference to carry out live-broadcast live-broadcasting.
The purpose of the contest is to give full play to the role of live broadcast e-commerce in expanding the upstream channels of agricultural products and creating new consumption scenarios, enriching the form of online and offline production and marketing docking, driving and expanding the sales of agricultural products of origin, and helping farmers increase their income and wealth; relying on different regional cultures and advantageous resources 1. Characteristic industries, cultivate a group of characteristic product brands, develop a group of leading people with goods, drive a group of live broadcast e-commerce bases, improve the live broadcast e-commerce supply chain, and promote the continuous deepening of rural commercial interconnection.